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Sunday, 28 June 2015 12:00 AM

Ideas for Holidays in Morocco in August

As in July, August is a hot month in Morocco in most places in July. Other than in these 2 months we generally say that most of Morocco is good for a holiday, but in these 2 months for most western visitors some places are relatively very hot – anywhere inland temperatures will be in the mid 30s deg C and in the desert regions average temperatures will be in their early 40s deg C.

So let’s pick and choose our destinations carefully to ensure an enjoyable holiday in August.

The Atlantic Coast of Morocco is outstanding

I stated that inland destinations are relatively very hot, so that implies that Morocco’s huge Atlantic coastal region isn’t. Whilst temperatures away from the coast are soaring into their mid 30s and even into their 40s deg C, in the coastal resorts average temperature are a much more pleasant mid 20s deg C (Essaouira just below that, Rabat just above).

Everything is relative and personal – for me that is a great temperature for a holiday. Virtually no rain, beautiful blue skies and sea breezes from the Atlantic.

A note of caution as always, although the average temperatures are very pleasant level the sun is hot and only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, and those pleasant sea breezes can become strong winds in the early afternoon (good for windsurfing and kitesurfing).

We have a great selection of interesting destinations so talk to us to find the ideal spot for you:

Essaouira, a fishing town with pretty harbour and a walled medina in addition to a huge sandy beach protected from the worst Atlantic weather by an island offshore. This is a great place from wandering around a medina or enjoying water sports (kit hire and tuition), and it has an excellent range of accommodation and a good road link to Marrakech

Oualidia, slightly further north than Essaouira this is a small town set on a beautiful lagoon. It is around 1 hour longer to get to than Essaouira(from Marrakech)  and the accommodation is more exclusive, so the resort is less busy and may be deemed to be better suited for that special holiday.

South of Essaouira we head down to Agadir (Agadir itself caters to mass tourism) and then to Mirleft, a beautiful place to relax, and the Souss Massa National Park – both interesting options.

Taroudant is Inland but Relatively Temperate

Taroudant  is an exception to the inland-is-hot-in-August rule. Taroudant is found just south of the High Atlas (an exciting drive from Marrakech) 1 hour’s drive inland from Agadir (an alternative flight arrival option) and average temperatures in August will be around 30 deg C.

Taroudant has a walled medina and is an authentic Moroccan town full of interest yet has fewer visitors than many other places. Additionally it is the base of our Real Morocco programme of cultural activities – a range of cultural excursions and activities in and around the town.

Again, the sun is deceptively hot and precautions are needed even if the heat isn’t extreme.

Talk To Us

We are here to make sure you get the right holiday for you – everyone has their own personal preferences. There are plenty of excellent options open and we a pretty accommodation and a cooling pool could be the basis for a holiday to remember.

If you are interested in inland destinations, most obviously the desert, we strongly recommend that your postpone that adventure until the temperatures drops in mid-September and into October.