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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 12:00 AM

How Safe is Morocco for a Holiday

This is a common question of holiday makers to Morocco, typically of those travellers who have rarely if ever ventured outside of Europe and/ or into North Africa or Morocco itself.

The simple answer is Morocco is relatively very safe, but be sensible on your holiday.

Morocco is Relatively Very Safe for Holiday Makers

No country is 100% safe so safety is a relative term when travelling.

Naturally Morocco has sent more than 10,000 guests to Morocco and feedback of issues from them, and our experiences from our own regular trips, indicates that safety problems are rare in the extreme (we have never had a report of a treat of personal violence, and have had one claim of a theft in the last 5 years, which was dealt with thoroughly and was not clear if there had been a theft).

Normal Precautions Apply

As in any country – the UK, USA, India or elsewhere – any holiday maker should be sensible in what they are doing.

When out and about do not openly flaunt money and valuables – keep cash and cards in secure pockets and insure that you have small amounts of cash readily available for everyday use.

When wandering late in the evening, be aware of normal risks of where you are and be sensible – if you are on a remote beach or down dark medina alleys late at night, don’t be alone.

In your riad or hotel valuables are generally very safe, as most accommodation have long serving and trusted staff, who know that any suspicion of any impropriety is not acceptable and cause for dismissal - but best to put things away in a draw (or a safe if provided).

Additionally, female travellers exploring alone may receive unwanted attention from local men (an unfortunately issue in the region) - it is best to travel with a second person or to learn to say "no" if a firm manner to any persistent requests to buy from a demanding vendor or the like.

But please just be sensible and enjoy your holiday – Morocco is a relatively very safe country, and a wonderful place to explore. No paranoia is needed, just normal common sense.

Terrorism in Morocco

Unfortunately many countries in the world have suffered the consequences of terrorist acts in recent years, most high profile of which are currently the acts of fundamentalist Islamists.

Morocco has been affected by this – specifically in 2003 Casablanca there were 33 fatal victims of bombs in restaurants and hotels, following which large local demonstrations were held to protest against such event; and in Marrakech in April 2011 17 people were killed when a bomb was detonated in a restaurant, for which a number of people have been sentenced.

It is an unfortunate fact of modern life that such events can occur. They can happen in any country and are widely condemned. Luckily they are very rare and they have no popular support in Morocco.