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Monday, 6 July 2015 12:00 AM

How Safe Are Holidays in Morocco?

… I’m talking in the context of recent events in Tunisia and the very well publicised rise in fundamentalism within Islam. My point below is to differentiate between countries as Morocco is probably as safe as almost any other tourist destination.

Islam in Morocco

As I have written about before Morocco is an Islamic country yet, fortunately in light of current events, does not have a Sunni – Shia divide as the vast majority of Moroccans are deemed non-denominational. This immediately decreases the chances of sectarian violence in the country.

Morocco’s Arab Spring

Also as I have written before, Morocco’s “Arab Spring” was a relatively calm affair in the main. Yes there were demonstrations and isolated violence during street protests, but the government and constitutional changes implemented have led to the 20th September Movement (the organisation coordinating the demonstrations) being all but disbanded. This means that there is a stable government supported by the vast majority of the population, albeit youth unemployment remains high.

Previous Violence

Unfortunately we live in times when random attacks happen in most quarters of the world, and Morocco has not been immune to this. Bombs were detonated in Casablanca in 2003, although this may not have been aimed at holiday makers as Casablanca is not a tourism centre, and more recently a bomb went off in the central square of Marrakech medina in April 2011.

That should be stated in the context of in excess of 10 million holiday makers visiting Morocco annually and other countries that have suffered terrorist attacks in the recent past including France, the UK, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Canada, USA, Spain, Denmark.

Is A Holiday In Morocco Safe?

Whilst no-country is completely safe, the history of Morocco shows that it is a relatively safe country to holiday in, and that is relative to all holiday destinations and not just those in the immediate region.

Morocco is a Muslim country with a stable government that relies to a large extent on tourism, rather similar to Tunisia to that extent, but Morocco is very different from Tunisia in its location – it is several country boarders away from the very significant conflicts currently going on in the middle east, making it very difficult for people to cross the border into Morocco from that region.

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