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Tuesday, 6 March 2018 12:00 AM

Holidays In Morocco For Families

We are in our 22nd year of selling holidays to Morocco and a common question is “will my kids like it in Morocco?”

Unfortunately we don’t know the exact details of every family that phone through, their specific likes and dislikes but we are here to talk through with you various options and giving you answers to specific questions so that you can draw an informed decision.

In the end a holiday in Morocco is not for everyone, in the same way that not everyone would like a weekend in New York or a week in a cottage in Cornwall – so talk to us and find out. Below are some of the considerations.

Beautiful Weather

Morocco is generally a hot and sunny country, however the summer months can have extreme heat – most obviously in the desert regions (where temperatures can hit 50 deg C plus during June, July & August), but all inland locations will have high temperatures and caution mast be taken about being out in midday sunshine.

For families the effects can be even more pronounced, so generally avoid the peak heat by going to the coast in the summer months or take advantage of the temperate climate in spring or autumn.

Swimming Pools

Naturally Morocco specialises in boutique hotels with Moroccan history, most obviously by using Riads, Ksars and Kasbahs as accommodation wherever possible. This is designed to ensure you have an authentic Moroccan holiday rather than a non-descript stay in a large corporate hotel. However, riads in medinas generally do not have full size swimming pools and, if they have a pool, will typically only have a ‘plunge’ pool. Accommodation away from the historic medinas may have pools but often these are not heated.

So discuss the options and decide on the right accommodation for you if a pool is important.

Things To Do

I would hope that a family holiday to Morocco would be an opportunity for children to see a life very different from their own, a fascinating contrast to what they see at home. Morocco generally is a cultural destination where the interest lies in the medinas and souks, a scattering of historic sites and stunning mountain and seaside scenery rather than large set-piece tourist spots such as the Eiffel Tower or Lego Land. There are a few exceptions to this, e.g. water parks and tourist buses near Marrakech, but they are the exception to the rule.

For families you need to gauge how much force feeding of entertainment your children need, and discuss with us what activities we can introduce to enhance your family’s time.


I have small children so I know that food can be an issue, as anything away from the norm that we have at home can cause a battle. Moroccan food is foreign to most children and quite different from typical European cuisine but you will normally start the day with fruit, yogurt and bread (maybe croissant) and jam or honey. After that the staple foods are salads, flat breads, couscous with vegetables and tagines – meat based (chicken or lamb) with high spicing – but the street food in the day time includes simple skewer cooked meat in pitta bread.

For my family, food is often an issue wherever we go, but Moroccan food is fresh and healthy and there is enough variety to find something for my children to sample and to like.

Give Naturally Morocco a call or Contact us to talk through possible options or to give you a little inspiration, have a look at our 'Family Holidays' page for a few location ideas or our list of 'Suggested Itineraries' for more ideas of where to go.