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Friday, 17 October 2014 12:00 AM

Family Holidays To Morocco - Things To Do

Morocco is a step outside of many people’s comfort zone, a non-European country with all that that entails – different language, culture, foods, climate etc – so a holiday there may be a significant adventure.

Whilst an adventure for grown-ups can be simply stimulating – a chance to explore and see what you can find and experience – when on holiday with children the adventure can be more worrying and stressful. Will your children find Morocco interesting, will it be too hot for them or will they not like the food (they won’t starve but they might whine as a result)?

Lots of possible concerns and the answer as ever depends on you and your children, but let’s cover a few of those topics in these articles strating here with things to do. In the next article will will cover basic facts such as the weather, food and accommodation in Morocco.

Moroccan Culture

Morocco is an Islamic country but is generally very moderate in its beliefs. Mosques are found everywhere and the call to prayer is a regular reminder that you are away from home. Children and family life are a strong part of Moroccan life and, whilst Moroccans are very welcoming anyway, travelling with children of any age will raise even more smiles and conversation.

Explore the Medina

Morocco is not full of sightseeing sites, rather it is a place to wander and explore – the historical medinas and souks in particular. Marrakech also has a sightseeing bus, which is something I think almost all kids love even if the audio is more aimed at adults. The medina and souks can be of interest for almost and age of visitor, the sights and sounds in a medina, the narrow alleys (especially in Fez) and old fortified ramparts (such as in Essaouria) should be fascinating. There are plenty of coffee shops scattered around so it doesn’t become a tiring slog.

Mountains, Beaches and Camel Treks

Away from the history the mountains of the High Atlas are worth exploring if your children are a little older, but for all ages the beaches of Essaouira are probably a great way to spend some of your time or, if you’re not making it to the coast, the water parks outside of Marrakech are an option or make sure that you stay at an accommodation with a suitable pool – most riads in medinas only have a plunge pool, large accommodations outside may have larger pools (check if they are heated and remember that pools in Morocco are unsupervised). Also there is camel trekking in the desert with overnight camping in the dunes, suitable for slightly older children, but the desert is a significant distance away so talk to us about the pros and cons of such a trip with you kids.

Riad Accommodation

Finally on this general topic we should mention riads, the historic town houses that have been converted into boutique hotels and which Naturally Morocco specialises in. Plain on the outside and opened by a door keeper for those staying in the riad they open up into private interiors with rooms arranged around a central courtyard. Rooms in some riads have flexible sleeping arrangements, either able to take in an extra bed or having interconnecting doors to another bedroom or even having a single lockable door accessing an area of 2 bedrooms. This flexibility along with peaceful areas in the courtyard and terrace should allow you peaceful evenings safe and nights.

Kids Won't Be Bored

At home your kids may be surrounded by endless stimulation, in Morocco you will have time to explore things together. Television will normally not be an option, instead is a wondrful culture to explore and talk about. Step into the unknown - see the tannaries in Marrakech or Fez if you want to shock your kids - or visit a communal bakery under a hammam, there's so much to be seen and so many new ideas if you explore and open your eyes.