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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 12:00 AM

Booking A Moroccan Holiday Direct

Naturally Morocco has been creating excellent holidays since 1996 and we have seen various trends in that time.

Initially it was relatively difficult to have an enjoyable holiday there – accommodation was often poor and flights scarce and expensive – but much has changed since then.

Budget airlines have transformed the market and mostly for the better. Regular flights, a choice of destinations and relatively well priced (outside of peak times).

Additionally, due to the increasing tourism traffic, the choice of accommodation has increased and also mostly for the better.

Simple Bookings

Seemingly every advertising break on TV now has a promotion of a hotel booking site, another recent development in tourism. Type in your criteria and up pops your options, a click away from a booking.

This is a difficult development for the quality accommodations as, generally, the search results are based on price and largely ignore the quality aspects. The things that make a riad special are such things as the on-site management (are they there when you want them, do they know you and care that you are there), location (there are hundreds of riads in Marrakech medina alone, you want to be near what is important to you) and food (an excellent breakfast sets up the day ahead like nothing else can).

Unfortunately there are continuing concerns raised about the customer review websites – that they are open to manipulation and cannot be believed at face value.

Furthermore the direct booking sites focus on the obvious, in the case of Morocco that means Marrakech. Whilst Marrakech is an interesting destination, for example for a short weekend break, Morocco is so much more (the UK cannot be seen by just visiting London) – from the mountains to the desert, or from the medinas by the beaches to the northern Imperial cities.

Explore Beyond The Easy

With good flights and excellent accommodation available outside of Marrakech, it is a great time to explore further afield, away from the focus of the accommodation booking sites, and this requires knowledge and expertise – where to go, how to travel, where to stay and what you can do there.

Naturally Morocco doesn’t have every riad in Marrakech as we personally select each that we do offer and we do not have large chain hotels that give no flavour of Morocco, what we do have is so much more.