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Monday, 30 May 2016 12:00 AM

Easyjet flight departures

As of May 30th 2016, Easyjet have published the introduction of a new '30 minute cut off point' to avoid their passengers rushing through security at the last minute to board their flight.

Security checks

Due to recent increases in security checks at all international airports, Britain’s biggest budget airline have implemented this new rule to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for all their passengers to clear security gates before boarding their flights. Even some airlines are now recommending passengers allow 3 hours before their flight departure time for these extra security checks.

Security barriers

To ensure that there is no flexibility or favouritism on this rule, Gatwick airport will be updating their security barriers to catch travellers who are inside the 30 minute time zone with automatic control gates being timed to lock 30 minutes before departure times and any passengers arriving after this time will be rejected and refused boarding.

It is highly recommended to arrive early at the security barriers to avoid disappointment and allow at least 45 minutes (or more) before your flight departure so you are well within the 30 minute cut off point. For those who ignore this new rule, passengers will face either missing their flight or paying a fine of £80 to be transferred to an alternative flight.

There may be a huge outcry as a result of this and with the new automatic barriers locking themselves 30 minutes before a flight departs, there will be no negotiating even if you are one minute inside the given time and you will still be refused boarding. Due to the large volume of passengers that fly every year with Easyjet, this is an attempt to ensure that all flights are on schedule and depart on time in an attempt to prevent delays which angers passengers and can cost the airline millions each year.

Our advice

This may be a frustrating rule for many travellers, but our advice is to try and make extra allowances for your travel time (in case of any unexpected delays on your journey to the airport) and perhaps allow 3 hours before your flight departs to clear security and any other delays that could occur. Once you have cleared security control, there is the departure lounges and shops to relax/browse if you do find yourself with some time to kill before boarding your flight.