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Friday, 13 May 2016 12:00 AM

Feedback from Diane Cancilla

Deep desert

"I have just returned from a wonderful journey, my "dream trip" to Morocco.

I cannot say enough good things about this company, "Naturally Morocco" and my agent Karen. Right from the beginning, the organization and creation of the trip itinerary was fun and effortless for me, the client. Emails were detailed and prompt. Trip info was excellent.

Karen was always so receptive, kind, professional and accommodating. Having the trip organized in this way, made for a stress-free holiday! Kudos to "Naturally Morocco" and I will certainly recommend them to my friends and fellow travellers. My travel mates and I had a fabulous journey and I owe this, in part to the "Naturally Morocco" company. 

All of our drivers were prompt, on time and very professional. We felt safe and in very good and capable hands. The drivers spoke English, so we learned a lot about the culture and places visited along the way. It was a luxury to be driven. No hassles with trains, buses, schedules....all was easy. Each one of our riads was different, but absolutely perfect!  I loved each one! The hosts were amazing and each place was charming in its own way.  We could easily walk to places from our temporary homes. The food was "to die for", in huge quantities and I believe everything was reasonably priced and of good quality.

Our booked walking tours of Marrakech and Fes were excellent but, I preferred Hassan, our guide in Fes.  The other fellow in Marrakech wanted us and expected us to have an agenda of where we wanted him to take us. We had not prepared this...just wanting him to "show us around" and this did not go over well.  In the end all was ok but our tour ended 1 hour early...we had not prepared a list of things/places to see. So perhaps advise others in future to do this for that particular man/guide.

Riding the camels in the desert and camping was stellar!!!!  All went well.

Deep desert

We enjoyed our stop in Chefchaouen, a fascinating city!  Our driver to and from was, once again, excellent.  My friends asked for an additional day trip with the driver (I preferred to stay in the Blue City and explore on my own)and unfortunately  there was a car accident. I think they will tell you about that in their feedback review. I was lucky to have avoided this. It is a good thing it was not more serious.

Our Air B&B accommodation was good and located right in the old medina. The hotel in Casablanca that we selected is very good and I think you may wish to add it to your property selections for the cost/value...Hotel Diwan Casablanca @ 31 Blvd. Hassan.  The staff there were so helpful and the hotel exceeded our expectations. Too bad we had to get up at 4am to go to the airport!!!  It would have been great to stay longer.

So overall, I can not say enough good things!  10/10 is what I grade "Naturally Morocco." I will NEVER forget my journey to Morocco. I learned so much and I was so very impressed.  Thank you so much Karen!"