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Monday, 6 October 2014 12:00 AM

Christmas Holiday In Marrakech

Talking about Christmas holidays …. already ? Like most people I don’t want to mention Christmas too early in the year, but Marrakech is getting booked up – so this is just a little warning. If you want a holiday in Marrakech over the Christmas period start thinking seriously about it and talk to us soon.

Christmas in Marrakech

Morocco is obviously an Islamic country so the Christmas celebrations normal in the UK do not happen in Morocco, but it is a great time of year to escape the early winter gloom of the UK for a warmer climate (Marrakech average temperature 19 deg C in december) and Morocco has a fascinating history and culture to boot.

Wander the medina, explore the souk, relax over a cup of mint tea, sweat in a hammam … not a normal Christmas for most of us, but certainly one to remember and hopefully a far less stressful experience if a full-on family Christmas at home is not really what you are after this year.

I focus on Marrakech in this article as, whilst the climate is generally good everywhere in Morocco and the history and culture I mention is relatively generic to Morocco as a whole, Marrakech has the greatest number of international flight arrivals for budget airlines and the greatest selection of boutique hotels (riads) so is most relevant for shorter breaks – but with additional time we recommend getting out of Marrakech and exploring elsewhere for a while.

Marrakech Is Getting Booked Up

The point of what I am writing is that whether you like planning ahead for Christmas or not, if you are interested in escaping to Morocco it’s time to get your skates on and talk to our experts at Naturally Morocco.

We have had a large number of holiday enquiries and bookings in the last couple of weeks for this period and, whilst we have an excellent and unrivalled personally selected range of riads in and around Marrakech, we have found that a significant number of those riads are already full or have very limited availability left for the peak period. This is despite it being a peak period with higher prices and also flight prices being far greater than are normally found at other times of year.

Interested? Then Talk To Us Soon

Morocco is an excellent place to escape to, not least at Christmas time, but if you want to enjoy a holiday there in a peak period plan ahead and talk to us very soon.