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Wednesday, 14 May 2014 12:00 AM

Choosing a Riad for a Holiday in Marrakech and Other Cities

Staying in a riad in Morocco rather than a large generic hotel gives you the chance to experience another culture during the whole of your holiday. We have written before on what a Moroccan riad is.

In our last article we talked of the experience of the first entrance into a Moroccan riad and where riads are found (our accommodation finder can help with your search) but, once you have decided that you want to stay in a riad, the fundamental question is which riad as each is unique – in particular there is an excellent choice available in MarrakechRabat, Fez, and Essaouira.

So, once you have decided to stay in a riad(s) on your holiday, the question becomes –

How to Choose a Riad?

It is reported that in Marrakech medina every week a new riad is opened as a guest house and another one closes, and there are around 1,000 riads in and around Marrakech to choose from at any one time. Riads vary hugely in style and services (and price) from basic traditional with just breakfast on offer through to plush modern with on-site spas and top graded restaurants.

There are certain on-line accommodation review sites that list properties but they must be treated with caution as they are a blunt tool – they do not tell the whole story of an accommodation, they are open to manipulation and the quality of service in a riad can vary significantly over a short period of time (especially if there are changes in management).

Equally riads are typically very small (only a few bedrooms), are independently owned (not part of larger chains), can have only basic English language skills and have rudimentary booking systems and so room bookings occasionally clash even at some of the best riads (especially in peak periods) and alternative accommodations have to be found at minimal notice.

Naturally Morocco is Here to Find the Right One For You

Since 1996 Naturally Morocco has been selecting and working with raids and boutique accommodation (including in kasbahs and ksours) throughout Morocco.

We are constantly reviewing our portfolio of accommodation, seeing to improve our selection of riads available but we are very careful how we select new riads. Once an accommodation is taken on by us we work with them over the long term.

Our team know all the riads that we offer as they regularly visit Morocco and will advise you on which accommodation fits your needs and wants, typically even naming the specific room that is most suited to you.

Things can go wrong and, if something does goes wrong before or during your stay, our relationship with our accommodations means that we are very likely to sort any issue before it significantly affects your holiday. Also if something does go more dramatically wrong you are not on your own, we have a team in the UK and Morocco available to sort things out and a portfolio of other places in case they are needed.