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Tuesday, 9 September 2014 12:00 AM

Booking A Holiday To Morocco On-Line

The internet is a wonderful tool – huge amounts of information (for example customer review sites) and choice (for example hotel booking sites) at your finger-tips just a click away – and it has transformed the holiday market, most obviously through the inexorable rise of the budget airline whose way of operating relies on direct access to the end customer.

However, the internet does have its downsides and, in the case of holidays, it is a rush to the bottom where end purchase price is the key driving factor in the mass market. This leads, in my opinion, to a number of longer term problems.

Ill Informed Holiday Makers

With a huge choice of hotels at your finger-tips it is easy to assume that you can find the ideal hotel for yourself – just look up the reviews, decide what facilities you want and Bob’s your uncle. Unfortunately holiday review sites are prone to manipulation and one person’s subjecting view of shabby chic is another person’s view of run down.

Also there comes the more fundamental question of where to go. Everyone has now heard of Marrakech, but it’s not the right holiday destination for everyone. On my last trip to Morocco (August this year) I heard a mother chatting to another friend saying that she found 7 days in Marrakech with her young children too much and that she really wanted a sea view as she enjoys watching the sunset over a sea – we might suggest that Marrakech was not the right option for them.

A little time talking to someone in the know would make sure that you go to the right place in Morocco for you and have a more objective decision of where to stay.

Lack Of Customer Care

Things can go wrong on holidays, whether it is something little (but annoying) like a broken down taxi to something more fundamental like a hotel having major building works start next door during you stay.

Once you book for yourself on-line you are typically on your own for most eventualities, fine if you are comfortable in sorting out issues but not ideal for everyone.

Cost Cutting By Suppliers

As price becomes a driving factor in attracting customers, the little extras are soon dropped by suppliers. We have become used to this on budget airlines, it’s only a 3 hour flight to Morocco after all and making your own sandwiches for the journey is always an option, but it can fundamentally affect the feel of a riad or boutique hotel.

A breakfast on the roof terrace with freshly squeezed orange juice, excellent coffee and freshly made pancakes and croissants is something that sets up a holiday day, and would be a terrible shame to miss out on if you are going to the trouble of going to Morocco. That along with an attentive manager, pots of green tea, little pastries …. lowest cost isn’t everything always for everyone and Naturally Morocco only works with suppliers who continue to put that extra effort in for their customers.

Make Sure Your Moroccan Holiday Is One To Remember …

… for the right reasons. Everyone is different and for some a simple trip to Morocco staying at any hotel is good enough, for others a little expert care adds a lot and that is where Naturally Morocco comes into its own.