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Monday, 12 October 2015 12:00 AM

Alcohol On Holiday In Morocco

Everyone has their own wish list or needs for a holiday, which is why Naturally Morocco is here to create the right holiday for each individual and why we are now in our 20th year of doing so.

For me a holiday is about the right mix of relaxation and interest, and I like to relax in the evening with a little drink.

Morocco is a Muslim country and this does have an effect on the availability of alcohol during your holiday which you should be aware of.

It is possible to have your occasional drink without offending local sensitivities, but it is best to go on holiday prepared and informed.

Alcohol In Morocco

Islam bans the consumption of alcohol for the faithful. In practice some Moroccan Muslims do drink a little, but it is not flaunted and any bars for local people are very few and far between and are not advertised. In fact I have only ever come across one, purely by chance, near the main railway station in Rabat (a rather claustrophobic and smoky affair, and not pleasant).

Much more obvious are the large hotels that have a public bar, most obviously around Marrakech. There you can have your Casa beer or glass of excellent Moroccan red wine in comfort, albeit in the sanitised world of the hotel.

There are a few bars scattered around and often on roof top terraces allowing you to watch the world go by. For many years there has been a good one in Essaouira by the main square, and the Cozy Bar and Café Arab in Marrakech (a walk to the south and north of the main square respectively) are also excellent.

Additionally, many (but not all) of the restaurants in major tourist destinations will offer alcohol. If this is important to you do not assume they will just because they look westernised. A general rule is those near a mosque will not, but that is just a general rule.

Finally a number of riads also offer some alcohol, most typically Moroccan wine. Riads are required to have a licence for such, which is not easy to obtain so not all riads do – Naturally Morocco can guide you as necessary.

If I am travelling for more than a few days I usually talk a bottle of duty free gin with me, just so I know that I can relax in peace on a roof terrace with a book and a sun-downer any place I want.

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