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Trekking in Morocco

The High Atlas mountains offer a huge range of trekking (or gentle walking) opportunities in spectacular surroundings. The foothills of the High Atlas start around 30 minutes drive south of Marrakech, and the main trekking centres are only around 1.5 hours away from Marrakech.

Various Treks in the High Atlas are possible, ranging from a half day stroll through gently undulating woodland and palm groves to treks lasting several days up the highest peak in North Africa Mount Toubkal which stands proud at 4167metres. Whilst we tend to advise our guests that longer treks in mid-winter and mid-summer are to be avoided, there are a variety of all year round treks that are not affected by winter snows, extreme heat and unexpected weather conditions.

Booking a trek with Naturally Morocco

Naturally Morocco offers qualified, experienced and English speaking guides in various mountain areas and while the prospect of climbing to the peak of Mount Toubkal is an exciting one, it is worth considering the level of difficulty and the terrain you will encounter during many of these treks. While many of them require a good level of fitness and good sturdy walking boots, others require a higher level of fitness when attempting the higher altitude treks which can exceed over 2000m. Before contemplating the more severe treks, you can have a look at our List of Treks which notes their duration, the level of difficulty (see our Trek Grading System) and the altitude you will reach.  When you book your trek through us, we offer a comprehensive guide before you travel if you include a trek in our itinerary and we are always at the end of the phone if you have any questions regarding the trek you are interested in taking.

Advice for Trekking in Morocco

Whilst trekking in Morocco is readily accessible and done in fantastic surroundings, we do strongly encourage you to use qualified guides. You may end up paying a little more, but if you are attempting the longer treks in the more remote mountain regions, the extra cost is well worth it. The qualified guides are locals who have had significant trekking experience, know the routes extremely well, can temper routes to levels of fitness, can quickly make alternations to your route if needs be and more importantly, know what to do if the unexpected happens. There are many other Moroccans in the trekking centres and online touting for business and often at lower prices, but you only get what you pay for. The qualified guides charge a fair price based on their experience and knowledge.

The sun is strong in Morocco and especially in the mountains, it can have more effect than in the cities with the higher altitude, lack of shade in areas and gentle cooling breezes all conspiring to heat trekkers without their noticing. Make sure that you are prepared and have a wide-brimmed hat, high factor sun cream and plenty of water, so you can enjoy your trek without suffering from sunstroke, sunburn or dehydration.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss trekking opportunities with us, please feel free to call and chat with our experienced staff on 01239 710814 or fill in our Enquiry Form to request a quotation with further information.