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Thursday, 5 May 2016 12:00 AM

A Self-Driving Holiday in Morocco – The Decision To Self Drive

Mike and Jane booked a nine night self-driving trip started in Agadir, headed through the Anti Atlas Mountains, took in Taroudant and Ouarzazate/ Ait Benhaddou, went over the High Atlas Mountains and finished in Marrakech.

On their return they were very enthusiastic about their trip, so we asked them to put down some thoughts that we could share with our customers – their first person(s) account of their trip and thoughts on driving in Morocco follow, these are their own comments and thoughts, although we asked them to break their thoughts into manageable sections:

"Our Previous Overseas Driving Experience

Jane and I are both now in our late 70s and, whilst going a little slower in general, we still enjoy holidays overseas and gently exploring other countries. We try to do a couple of trips overseas each year, but almost always travel in an organised group (typically coach with driver).

Occasionally we have driven ourselves overseas but only in Continental Europe – France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain – and we have never driven ourselves in a country beyond there before this trip.

So when we first started thinking of a holiday in southern Morocco, we were naturally cautious and perhaps a little nervous.

The Seed For The Holiday Idea

Jane’s sister and brother in-law did a self-drive tour in Morocco in 2013, also organised by Naturally Morocco. Perhaps they are more used to driving in different countries and to exploring places at their own pace, but they had no hesitation in self-driving as they wanted the flexibility that self-drive gave them on their journey.

Although we are more cautious than them, they encouraged us to drive ourselves on our trip, so we did.

Self-Drive of Car With Driver

There are obvious pros and cons to self-drive – the flexibility in being in control of your speed, route and stopping places (you can generally ask a driver to do what you want, but its human nature to not want to be too demanding or bossy, hence ending up doing not quite what you want); countered by the risks of getting lost (and arguments about directions) and breaking down. Both risks materialised to a limited extent on our trip so we can give you a sense of them.

Also a driver can show you places that you might otherwise not find or know about and may be an interesting source of information about Morocco and the region that you are travelling through; countered by (at least one or you) having to drive in the back of the car and a reduced freedom of chat between you and your wife/ husband/ partner/ friend.

Anyway, based on feedback from Jane's sister, we were encouraged to go it alone. Although their trip in the south sounded excellent, we tempered the distance we planned to travel through discussion of options with Naturally Morocco (we knocked out driving down to the desert as done by the sister as a leg too far).

The Self-Drive option proved to be the perfect choice for us on this trip, it could hardly have gone better and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.