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Tuesday, 8 December 2015 12:00 AM

A Day On Holiday in Rabat

Rabat is a great city for a shorter break or as part of a longer holiday day in Morocco. It is a city with a lovely range of things to see and places to wander and is a great peaceful destination that I cannot rate highly enough for a day or two.

But everyone is different, what you and I want from a holiday in Morocco will not be the same, so below I write a little about a typical day for me in Rabat on my most recent trip.

Have a read of this then give our team a call to discuss what you want from a holiday. Fly into and out of Rabat international airport, or take the train on to Marrakech to the south or north to Fez and Meknes.

A Day on Holiday in Morocco Always Starts Relaxed

Moroccan sounds steadily enter your senses as you wake gently in your Moroccan riad. You remember that you are in Morocco even before you open your eyes.

Breakfast in the riad’s courtyard is as perfect as I come to expect anywhere in Morocco – the blue sky above shows that the early morning sunshine is up and running and great coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit, Moroccan breads and honey get me in the relaxed mood for a day exploring on foot ahead.  I’m ready to explore.

The Self-Guided Walking Tour of Rabat

Rabat is a medina city but is of a manageable size and comfortably spread out, so I am very relaxed to take myself on a tour and see where I get to with a good guide book in hand.

All I know are a few points of interest that I shall try to find and, in particular, the Chellah – ruins from past occupiers found just inland - where I am advised to be early or late in the day so that the sun casts magical shadows. I choose to get there late as I’m not a fast starter in the morning.

So logically I start by the coast and my wanderings will take me inland. My meandering tour starts at the Kasbah overlooking the Atlantic, then through the souks to the 12th century Hassan tower and nearby Mausoleum of Mohammed V (not wholly inspirational, but with good views nearly), then on through the relaxed souks and Mellah area until I leave the medina and enter the Chellah as my final stop.

The Chellah is a place where I could go time and again. The crumbling ruins, the overgrowth and nesting storks with growing shadows of the late afternoon sun all seem wonderful to me.

The day goes fast although I am walking slow. Plenty of time for cups of tea and a simple lunch at a street stall on route. My relaxed pace has exhausted me and I take a petit taxi back to my riad.

Rabat, A City Strangely Overlooked By Most Tourists

Rabat is a medina city. It is a city with a lovely atmosphere, in a great location and with excellent transport links. It has great riads and places to wander. But strangely it rarely appears on lists of places to see in Morocco (there was a little flurry of media activity when direct flights from the UK first started, but virtually nothing since).

For me it is a lovely place to spend a day or two just wandering around and a place that I won’t forget easily. Truly Moroccan but with its own distinct flavour.

Perhaps it would be a great place for your next Moroccan holiday, give us a call to find out more.