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Friday, 1 January 2021 12:00 AM

25th Year of Selling Holidays to Morocco

We are proud to say that Naturally Morocco is just entering its 25th year of trading. In a constantly and often radically changing world that is something that we are very proud of.

Where it all began..

In the early days Naturally Morocco focussed on sending small groups to Taroudant, a beautiful traditional medina town in southern of Morocco just south of the High Atlas Mountains. There we developed the Real Morocco programme as a means for our guests to get an authentic flavour of Morocco – the wonderful people, rich culture and spectacular geography. We now have a range of accommodations to stay at in various locations across the country.

The Expansion of Moroccan Tourism...

Of course much has changed since those early days. Most obviously the sheer numbers of tourists visiting Morocco – up from around 3 million in 1996 to over 10 million + and more today – thanks to budget airlines providing direct flights from the UK and a huge range of good quality accommodation.

Naturally Morocco swiftly expanded from its core strength in the south to covering the vast majority of Morocco (we avoid the mass market beach destinations/resorts), with high quality traditional, authentic accommodations and local transportation supliers catering our customers visiting Morocco as their holiday destination.

The Commoditisation of Moroccan Holidays...

Today the tourism market seems to be continually changing. In every newspaper there appears to be a special deal and on-line booking systems reinforcing the idea that Morocco is just a short flight away. Unfortunately the focus is largely on Marrakech alone, and there is a bun-fight between cheap hotels outside of the medina to provide cheap offers to keep their occupancy levels high.

This is the mass market and price based with services and quality suffering as a result.

Naturally Morocco works hard to spread the word that Morocco is so much more than just Marrakech, albeit that is a wonderful city with excellent flight options but not indicative of the whole of what Morocco has to offer.

For our customers we emphasise the benefit of staying in small boutique hotels – the Riads and Kasbahs – old historic buildings beautifully converted and in interesting places in medinas across the country.

A holiday break can be just a weekend escape to somewhere exotic or an exciting two week adventure, but it can be so much more and Morocco continues to offer something for virtually everyone – we hope that you will come and talk to our experts, it is still a very special place if you know where to look.