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Internal Travel

Responsible Travel

We promote travelling less and seeing more - an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture. We recommend use of public transport where good services exist, giving you a chance to enjoy the journey - and it's kinder to the environment! We are happy to advise on the options suitable for your chosen itinerary and to book drivers, vehicles and guides.


Airport TransfersCar Transfers

On arrival/departure we always arrange for a transfer by taxi, minibus or car.



Buses & Coaches

Supr@tours BusThere are three national bus companies that operate between most major towns and cities in Morocco. They are Supratours, CTM and SATAS . A luxury coach with air conditioning costs about £5 for the 2.5 hour journey from Essaouira to Marrakech or about £6 for the Agadir - Marrakech route.

Car Hire

We use a local company in order to support the local economy and at the same time save you money. Full insurance including CDW (collision damage waiver) is included- most Moroccan companies do not offer this cover. We can offer self drive or a car with driver, which we think is well worth the extra cost for your enjoyment and safety. For further details on car hire.

A Grand TaxiTaxis

There are two main types of taxis in most major Moroccan cities. Grand taxis are shared public taxis licensed to travel on particular routes. These are an experience, but rarely have seat belts. They travel long distances and are a similar price to buses and coaches but depart more frequently between all major towns - though you may have to change taxis en route.

A Petite Taxi

The second type are Petite (small) taxis. These taxis work only within towns and often have meters, but if they don't or the meter does not work, it’s best to negotiate your fare in advance. 

We advise that we pre-book Private taxis for you which are far superior in terms of level of comfort, safety and linguistic skills of our drivers.

Taxis or 4 x 4 with Guide

We also offer tours by 4x4 or by taxi with our trusted driver/guides or a driver and a guide in a range of comfortable vehicles carrying 1-3, 4-6, 7-10 and 17 passengers.

TrainsMarrakech Station

There is an excellent and inexpensive train service linking Marrakech with Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes,Fez and Tangier. Even first class is cheap. Note that you should choose the Rapide service if time is at a premium. Supratours is an excellent coach company which offers connecting buses from train stations to all major towns and cities without railways e.g to Essaouira, Agadir and Ouarzazate from Marrakech.Try this web site for railway timetables and the connecting “Supratours” bus routes (which are also run by the railway company).