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Getting There

Getting There

Taking The Ferry - Tangier to Tarifa (Spain)

Travelling Responsibly

Although it is possible to travel to Morocco overland, the majority of our clients choose to fly - there are several direct flights from the UK to Morocco.

If you are intending to travel overland from Spain we can provide detailed instructions about ferries, trains etc.


Please ensure that you have a full 10-year passport which is valid for at least 6 months on entry to Morocco. It is advisable to carry a photocopy with you. UK passports can be renewed rapidly (within 48 hrs if need be) see UK Passport Office website for details.


Visa requirements for entry into Morocco vary by nationality of the traveller; however, those from the UK, the EU, USA, Australia, Canada and Japan can stay for up to 3 months without a visa.

Arrival in Morocco

Entry cards - These will be provided either during your transit or at your port of arrival. You are required to fill in your name, passport details, flight details and the address at which you’ll be staying.

It is essential that you take your itinerary with you which is issued at the time of booking and provides the address and contact details for the first service provider.

Travel Options


Morocco is only a short flight from the UK, around 3.5 hours depending on destination, and is served by a number of airlines which operate from several UK airports to a number of cities across Morocco.

For further information on flying to Morocco; including schedules, ticketing and advice on booking click Flying.

Travelling by Train

For travellers with more time on their hands as well as a sense of adventure, the north of Morocco can also be reached in under two days from London travelling via Paris, Madrid and Algeciras and on by ferry to Tangier.

Travelling by train from the UK to Morocco may be more expensive than flying.

For more information on travelling by train click Travelling by Train.