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What currency should I take?

What currency should I take ?

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Although the Euro, US Dollar and, to a lesser extent, Sterling are accepted in certain tourist areas, the the Moroccan currency (the Moroccan Dirham) is required for everyday use. 

Dirham is normally purchased within Morocco, and can be obtained from bureau de change in airports, major banks and hotels, or from cash machines, which are widely available in major towns and cities and will take most UK credit and debit cards. Some bureau de change outside of Morocco also now offer Dirham, but they tend to offer poor rates of exchange.

Using a debit card at an ATM is often the easiest and cheapest method. In the country side and smaller towns cash points are rare and cards are often not accepted. In any case inform your bank before you travel if you intend to use a card, to stop them declining any transaction as an anti-fraud measure.

The Moroccan Dirham exchange rate is set by the central Bank of Morocco. Euros and Pounds sterling and are accepted by some larger traders. Traveller's cheques are useful for emergencies but can be very time consuming to cash. A currency exchange slip is required to change back surplus Dirham.

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