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Is the shopping good in Morocco ?

Is the Shopping good in Morocco ?

Most Moroccan produced goods are remarkably good value but imported items are relatively expensive. You may be tempted by the wonderful range of crafts for sale in the souks (market); these are usually good value if you haggle for them.  

Typical Moroccan produce includes hand crafted leather goods, particularly leather sandals, carpets, and various food stuffs, particularly argan oil, dates, walnuts, almonds, and spices (although not produced locally, brought into Morocco in bulk).

Bargaining or haggling in a souk should be an enjoyable part of the cultural experience. It should not be stressful, nor designed to get the last Dirham off the asking price, but rather a cordial process to get to a price where both you and the tradesman are comfortable. Ensure you have enough time to walk away from a discussion for a while, but once a price is agreed on after a reasonable period of haggling, it is very rude then to walk away without going through on the deal.

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