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Is the food good?

Is the food good ?

We think so.

There is no accounting for people’s tastes, but Moroccan food is widely regarded as excellent; a healthy diet, drawing from Arab, Berber, Jewish, African and French traditions, using a distinctive blend of fresh produce and spices, herbs and nuts there is a large array of unique culinary delights. Morocco's cuisine reflects the extensive range of home produced ingredients and reflects the culture of Morocco.

Care should be taken with food hygiene, especially in hot weather, and it is wise to eat only at recommended restaurants or choose food well cooked in the conical clay dishes known as tagines; you can choose from a great variety of meat or vegetarian dishes, all mildly spiced and with flavour intensified by the cooking method) and wonderful fresh salads (all food is picked and bought just before preparing meals in Morocco). There is an abundance of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables (including dates, oranges, bananas, figs, melons, avocados etc.) which are used imaginatively with spices, herbs and oils produced locally such as argan oil, an exquisite orange nutty flavoured oil. Round Moroccan flat bread is excellent, its flavour improved by the sourdough starter.

The most popular drinks are mint tea and fresh orange juice and bottled water is widely available and safe to drink. Tap water is cities and towns is chlorinated and generally considered safe to drink but in rural areas it is inadvisable to drink tap water.

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