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Is Morocco safe to visit?

Anti-Atlas Mountains

Naturally Morocco has sent many thousands of guests to Morocco over the years and we have never had a report of a visitor having safety issues or of threatening behaviour towards them during their stay; the vast majority of visitors find Morocco to be a hospitable and friendly country.

Fears Over Fundamentalism In Islam Worldwide

Morocco is an Islamic country and in recent years we have seen many problems reported in the western press regarding fundamentalism in Islam across the world.

The vast majority of Moroccans are non-denominational Muslims, hence the country is not affected by inter-sect divisions, the cause of much of the issue elsewhere.

That said, it is never appropriate to give an absolute guarantee of safety to visitors to any country. Unfortunately unrest affects many countries across the world - from London and New York to Bali and Peru. Casablanca was hit by suicide bomb attacks in May 2003 and Marrakech hit by a bomb in April 2011.

Take Normal Precautions And Enjoy The Wonders Of Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful country to explore but, as in any foreign country in any part of the world, it is important that visitors take normal precautions - for instance protecting their valuables in crowded areas and women should not walk alone through small alleys late at night.  If in doubt, your local staff can advise you about a specific concern. 

Morocco has a wealth of beautiful old buildings; however many are not maintained to European standards and some, especially constructed of earth, may lack structural integrity especially after inclement weather. If in doubt about the safety of a particular building, please discuss your concerns with local staff.