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Is it easy to get around the country?

Is it easy to get around Morocco ?

Naturally Morocco creates excellent bespoke holidays. We focus on riad and kasbah style accommodation, which we personally select - call our experts now on 01239 710 814 to discuss your trip or to get a quote.

Morocco has one of the best road networks in Africa: currently new highways being built between major centres, vastly improving the speed of connections; however the roads can be surprisingly slow in remoter areas, especially the mountains.

Comfortable, air conditioned coaches linking the major cities are available but we advise that tickets must be pre-purchased.

Although taxis can be hired on the streets at relatively modest cost in towns, we recommend using taxis with our trusted drivers for any longer trips.

Car hire is another option; we recommend hiring a driver, since road signs are poor and driving skills are different.

Railways link all the cities north of Marrakech including Rabat, Tangier, Meknes and Fes; trains are highly recommended for speed and cost and, in the case of first class, for comfort.

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