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E-mail & mobile phone use in Morocco?

Can I e-mail and use a mobile phone in Morocco?

There are plenty of reasonably priced internet cafes in all the cities and large towns in Morocco. The staff at all accommodations will be able to direct you to the nearest cybercafe, and many riads have either Wifi (so you may use your own laptop or smart phone) or a computer available to guests.

Keyboards in Morocco use the French layout for keys, which is not QWERTY and can be very slow to use. If you touch type you can change the keyboard setting to English, but please remember to change it back for local users.

Morocco has generally good mobile coverage and has roaming agreements with UK mobile phone companies, although roaming charges are relatively high. The cheapest way to phone home using a mobile is to buy a SIM card which are remarkably cheap and practical to use, so long as you e-mail the number to anyone at home who might wish to be in touch or use Skype or other similar internet based system where Wifi is available.

You may be surprised how you can get coverage in many parts of the High Atlas, but can’t in many parts of the UK.