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Can I smoke or drink alcohol in Morocco?

Can I smoke or drink alcohol in Morocco?

Moroccan law prohibits smoking in most public buildings. At your accommodation, there will usually be an area (e.g. roof terrace) where smoking is permitted.

Although Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol, Morocco is a moderate Islamic country and you are likely to feel free to drink in moderation in private or where alcohol is being served.

In medinas alcohol cannot be purchased in shops, although many riads and hotels offer it. Some restaurants serve alcoholic drinks and there are a very few bars in cities and some towns.

Outside medinas alcohol may be obtained in some shops and supermarkets and in tourist hotels, especially the larger ones.

Moroccan wines are often excellent and a small range of pleasant Moroccan lagers and, on occasion, imported beers and wines are available.

Most accommodations are perfectly happy for you to bring your own if they do not serve alcohol.

In line with our policies of responsible tourism, please do not drink in public places that do not serve alcohol. You may wish to buy duty free spirits on your way into the country to drink in your accommodation.