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Moroccan Festivals


1.     Wax Lantern Festival

When: March 

Where: Salé, near Rabat

Known as ‘Mawkib Esh Shomouaa’, this festival is said to date back to the Barbary period.

2.     Honey Festival

When: May

Where: Argana in the High Atlas Mountains near Agadir

Argana is home to the larges beehive in the world, and the festival is a chance for tourists to gain an insight into the traditions of beekeeping and visitors have the chance to see the construction of the hives from natural materials.

3.     Alizes Musical Spring Festival

When: May

Where: Dar Souiri, Essaouira,

The Alizes Musical Spring Festival celebrates classical music and lyrical art and showcases artists from around the world.

 4.     Rose Festival

When: May

Where: El Kelaa des M’Gouna, Dades Valley near Ouarzazate

This festival, held in El Kelaa the largest town in the Dades Valley, is a celebration by the local farmers of their harvest. The festival entails local music, dancing and markets as well as the presentation of the “Rose Queen” who is appointed to oversee the success of the next years crop.

5.     Cherry Festival

When: June

Where: Sefrou near Fez

On the slopes of the Middle Atlas the Cherry Festival, held amongst the blossoming cherry trees, celebrates the harvest. The festival includes music and markets as well as the torchlight procession, sporting competitions and the election of ‘Miss Cherry’.

6.     Camel Festival - Goulimine,

When: July

Where: Tan Tan Road, Goulimine south of Mirleft

The Camel Festival is held at Goulimine which was once known as the “gateway to the Sahara”. The festival aims to achieve an awareness of the camel both as a wild animal of the desert and as an important tool for the Moroccan people as a method of transport or a valuable animal to be bred and traded. The festival includes the ‘Guerda’ ritual, a dance in which the Moroccans seek a blessing from God. Visitors are encouraged to take part and their involvement is welcomed.

 7.     National Festival of Popular Arts

When: July

Where: El Badi Palace, Marrakech, Marrakech Tensift El Haouz

The National Festival of Popular Arts, is considered one of Morocco’s oldest festivities of this kind. It is a display of Morocco’s traditions: music, theatre, poetry and dance. It also includes performances from foreign groups and artists.

8.     Feast of the Throne

When: July

Where: Royal Palace, Rabat

The ‘Feast of the Throne’ commemorates the succession of ‘His Majesty King Mohammed VI’. The event includes and address by the King and exhibitions put on by local villagers.

9. Imilchil Festival

When: August 

Where: Imilchil in the Atlas Mountains

This festival is held following the harvest and it is a time when traditionally young men and women look for marriage partners. The festival features dancing, music, feasts and storytelling.

10. Setti Fatma Moussem

When: Mid August

Where: Ourika Valley, Setti Fatma

This is one of the three most important annual religious festivals in Morocco. There is usually a souk or market, an agricultural fair, feasting, games and other entertainment as well as a religious element (note: non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the Koubba).

11. Date Feast

When: October

Where: Erfoud in the Sahara desert

With dates being regarded as a symbol of good luck, the date feast has strong ties to Moroccan culture. The date feast is a great demonstration of Moroccan culture displayed through music, dance, processions and food as well as a fashion parade and the awarding of ‘Miss Date’.

12. Olive Festival

When: December

Where: Rafsai in the Rif Mountains

The ‘Olive Festival’, is a traditional festival celebrating the olive groves of Rafsai.