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Holidays and Festivals 2022

Morocco is an Islamic country, therefore its calendar and main holidays stem from the Islamic calendar, which is roughly 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar hence dates are 10 or 11 days earlier each year.

National and local festivals punctuate the Moroccan year and are intrinsic to Moroccan culture. Traditional music is very much part of everyday life, most especially in August when weddings are commonplace.

The two most important Islamic holidays in Morocco are Eid al Fitr, at the end of Ramadan, and Eid al Adha (Eid el Kebir), the feast of the sacrifice (when each household slaughters a sheep). At both these times most Moroccans try to return to their families to celebrate. Other holidays have little impact on visitors:


Date 2022 Holiday
1st January New Years Day
11th January Manifesto of Independence Day
2nd April Start of Ramadan
1st May Labour day
3rd May Eid al Fitr – end of Ramadan
4th May Eid al Fitr national holidays
10th - 13th July Eid al Adha (Eid el Kebir) - Feast of the Sacrifice (dates vary dependent on moon cycle)
30th July Feast of the Throne
30th July Islamic New Year- Fatih Muharram
14th August National holiday Oued ed-Dahab (allegiance day)
20th August Anniversary of the King and the People's Revolution
21st August King Mohammed VI Birthday and Youth Day
9th October The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (Eid Al Mawled)
6th November Day of the Green March
18th November Independence Day