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Green weddings

We are able to create an ethical wedding for you at a number of destinations in Morocco that use locally sourced products; you'll only need to import your guests!

Here are some ideas for an ethical wedding in Morocco:

  • Choose a venue with good green credentials such as a small hotel like Les Borjs de la Kasbah in Marrakech; we can advise on others depending on your budget.
  • Horse drawn carriages rather than motorised transport.
  • Fresh locally produced seasonal food - organic food on request.
  • Local organic wines from Essaouira.
  • Locally grown flowers and rose petal confetti rather than imported flowers and paper.
  • Artisan produced candles, perfumes, jewellery and clothing.
  • Local musicians and henna artists.
  • Spa services and fabulous natural beauty care products.
  • Digital photography to save film processing and postage.

If the guests are encouraged to combine their trip to the wedding with a holiday they will even be able to reduce air travel by combining the two or you could even make it a real adventure by travelling by train.