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Ouirgane for Families

Ouirgane for Families

A pretty Berber village situated in a scenic bowl shaped valley in the High Atlas Mountains south west of Marrakech. Ouirgane buzzes with activity on Thursdays when Berber families flock down from the remote mountains by donkey. It has become a very popular base for day walks into the Tassa Ouirgane National Park and longer treks to Jbel Toubkal and Amizmiz areas.

In the countryside there is the constant attraction of herds of very cute and colourful goats with kids, some of which don’t mind being stroked as they forage around for tasty bits of vegetation.  Chameleons, geckos and lizards are to be found in many locations, which can be a fun activity for children.  There are fascinating bits of stone, plants and birds everywhere you look.  Three of the guest houses in this area have outdoor swimming pools, where you can cool off in the heat of the day.

High Atlas Family Trekking (c) Hilary Stock)Treks available are led by experienced guides who will always bring a mule for your children to ride (with you if necessary).  Meet and drink tea with Berber families and see how the local people live. See boys playing football with battered old balls or driving an old inner tube with a stick - illustrating how children can exist without a PSP or Facebook!

Jon Stock, travel writer for the Sunday Telegraph, recently trekked in the High Atlas with his family including his children aged 10, 8 and 6 (see photos):

“Take three young children, some flatulent mules, Mohammed the singing muleteer, and the High Atlas mountains in Morocco, and you have all the ingredients for a successful trekking holiday."

To read the full article on treks with a family see Morocco we'll be coming round the Atlas Mountains.

Here is a quote from a client who recently visited the mountains with her 2 and a half year old: 

“At Chez Momo in the mountains we hadn’t anticipated being able to do a trek with a small child … but we booked a guide and a donkey, which meant one of us walked and one rode with our child. So we all had a rewarding three hours visiting Berber villages, meeting and drinking tea with a Berber family and their children, and despite an initial protest our daughter loved riding on the donkey and didn’t want to get off! The other great thing about Chez Momo for kids is the tent in the grounds for sitting and playing in the shade plus the swimming pool.”   M, Bowers

Possible Family Itinerary in the High Atlas:

Day 1 Overnight stay in Ouirgane eg. Chez Momo - relax by a swimming pool in beautiful surroundings.

Day 2 Take a short overnight trek into the country with guide and mule e.g. Tamgercht and Adrar Takherkhort.

From the start in Ouirgane you will head up to the village of Tamgercht where you will have a lunch stop and where one can also have a little siesta under the walnut trees. After lunch there is a gentler walk to the village of Assif Zagzawne, where you will stay the night in a Berber house and be served a traditional Moroccan meal.

Day 3 On the second day, you head back to Ouirgane via Adrar Takherkhorte where you will enjoy some spectacular views of the High Atlas. After that it is downhill all the way to Ouirgane via the Berber villages of Anraz, Agouni and Douar id Salah. The trek will arrive at Ouirgane at around 4 pm where you will meet yor taxi that will be waiting to collect you and take you back to your accommodation.

Day 4 Visit the Berber market then take a walk to the lake.

Day 5 Depart for your next destination.

For alternative or longer treks go to Ouirgane Treks.