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Culture and Heritage

Caleche Marrakech Medina

In addition to the fabulous climate and beautiful scenery, a major attraction of Morocco is its unique, remarkably intact and fascinating culture and history, a blend of Berber, Arabic and Jewish influences which provides a feast of the senses. 

The cultural history is evident across the whole country, with walled medinas, earth-built Berber houses and kasbahs, former palaces and Roman ruins, a number of which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The ubiquitous Moroccan souk (traditional markets) are found in every town and city and are the heart of Moroccan life. They are a particularly alluring sight on the weekly market day, stretching over substantial areas and are an interesting place to shop and haggle, read more about souks and shopping.

Finally, there is a huge amount to interest those guests with a specific interest in geology, architecture, language, music, art and dance, read more about the heritage and environment.